Friday, December 2, 2011

Reclaim your economy! Act now.

Our Fellow Citizens,

There is much going on in Macomb, IL with regards to the Occupy Movement. 1) Meet us for our weekly protest and general assembly on Saturday, December 3! 2) Stand in solidarity against a newly proposed CAFO. 3) Want to buy something unique, special, and locally made? Check out the schedule below for the independent market at West Central Illinois Arts Center (25 E Side Sq, Macomb, IL)!

1. Saturday, December 3rd (Protest/General Assembly)
Join us on December 3, 2011 for our weekly protest and the Occupy Macomb General Assembly. Be at Chandler Park at 11:30 and then at 2:30 we will discuss what types of actions we can take to make a difference in Macomb, Illinois.

2. Monday, December 5th (Confined Animal Feeding Operation in McDonough and Schuyler counties)
Public meeting for proposed hog confinement: South Morgan Acres, the newest proposed 18,000 head CAFO in McDonough County that Professional Swine Management is associated with. The meeting will occur on Monday, December 5 at 6 p.m. at the Spoon River College Outreach Center (2300 E. Jackson, Macomb)

For those who do not know of the local movement to stop this dangerous (for the health of nearby residents as well as sustainable economics/agriculture) and inhumane facility, please visit and take some time to understand the environmental and long-term economical risks involved in allowing this facility to be built.

There is not unanimous opposition to this facility among city officials; therefore, we must get involved! Please attend on Monday, December 5 at the Spoon River College Outreach Center (2300 E. Jackson, Macomb) to stand for responsible agricultural economics.

3. Shop for goods from local craftspersons, not China!
Looking for one-of-a-kind gifts?  Look no further than the West Central Illinois Arts Center We are holding a two weekend Art Market filled with works of art for every taste and budget!

There will be tatted, ceramic and recycled object jewelry, paintings, mosaics, fractal art, photographs, hand lathed wooden items, fused glass and more!

Location and phone: 25 E Side Sq, Macomb, IL (309) 836-2782

Friday, December 9, From 4pm-7pm
Saturday, December 10, From 10am-4pm
Friday, December 16, From 4pm-7pm
Saturday, December 17, From 10am-4pm

Have questions? Email us back at

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  1. My question on #2, is why is it better economically for the farmer to build a confinement barn than to let his animals roam free? I assume there are economic benefits for the farmer--why else would they try to do it? My second question is, how can we (the government), make it more economically feasible to farm animals the "old fashioned" way? I agree that confinement is cruel, and pollutes, so how can it be made the less attractive option?