Friday, November 18, 2011

Get Involved! A Better World is Possible.

A Better World is Possible!
This world is beautiful, but we cannot ignore issues that affect us and future generations. Educate yourself about systemic issues of inequality. Be an active member of democracy. Participate in public discourse. This is OUR culture. Our action or inaction determines its reality.

Why should I care?
Declining job markets
Increasing student debt
Food stamps are being cut
Rising food prices
Degradation of the environment
Progressing systemic corruption
The list goes on...

What can I do to affect change?
Participate in democracy!
Educate yourself on issues of inequality
Vote on local, regional, and national levels
Support businesses invested with the local community
Buy locally produced goods
Move your money to a credit union

Want more information?
Stay up-to-date with us online, participate in public discourse, and shape this world!
Twitter: @OccupyMacombIL

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